What do we talk about when we talk about teaching math

Hello, I'm Ethan

I like learning by building and breaking things with software and otherware.

I got bitten by the teaching bug some years ago, as a volunteer in an inner city high school, and grew a dream of being a teacher someday. At some point I realized it's never too early to follow your dreams, and became a 'real' middle and high school teacher. Being a teacher, much like being a parent, turned out to be one of the hardest, yet most rewarding and fulfilling things I have ever done.

As a teacher I kept experimenting and playing with different tools and technologies. I gradually developed my own tools for communicating ideas with my students, and for them to play and experiment with. Along the way I had countless failures, and did my best to deal with them the way I expected my students to deal with theirs. As I kept developing and using technology, my vision regarding the role that technology can and should play in learning math has evolved, as part of the broader process of coming up with my own answer to the question of what is math and why it should be taught at school.

As my toolbox grew and matured, I decided to make a leap of faith and focus on turning it into a viable product that other teachers and students can use and hopefully enjoy. This site is all about learning. Just like learning is never over, so does this framework keep evolving.

If you are reading this, you are probably teaching or learning math (which is actually the same thing). That means DUDAMATH is here just for you. You are welcome to share your experience and help make DUDAMATH better.